Best Wood Cutting Tools for Crafts

I am an avid fan of DIY wood. I like to buy all kinds of wood crafts. But some products are too expensive, and I insist that "you get what you pay for, "so I don't usually buy cheap. But I don't have much budget to pay for my hobby either.

Luckily, my company manufactures laser cutters, so I can use as many different models of laser cutting machines as I like. I made a lot of "joys and dreams" for myself using the "free" machines.
You may feel frustrated when you first start your DIY project. Knowing what wood cutter tools to use or realising you need to buy many tools can put you off.
Suppose you are a DIY super enthusiast like me but don't know what precision wood cutting tools to prepare. Here's a starter list that will help you!
In this article

  • Types of wood cutting tools
  • A comparison of hand tools, power tools, and wood laser cutters
  • Criteria for choosing the best wood cutting tools for crafts
  • Maintenance and safety tips for wood cutting tools
  • Conclusion

Types of Wood Cutting Tools for Crafts

There are various precision wood cutting tools available for crafts, each serving a specific purpose.
I would broadly classify wood cutting tools into manual and electric categories.

Hand Saw

Hand Saws are one of the most familiar wood cutting tools, and there are many different types of hand saws, but they all serve the same purpose - they are used to cut wood. Depending on the type and thickness of the wood, you can choose from a variety of hand saw sizes. However, the thicker the timber being cut, the more effort it will take.
The Hand Saw will also take you longer to complete a DIY design. Also, try to use a hand saw to cut wood that is more than 5mm thick, as wood that is too thin may be challenging to cut.
It's also an incredible experience to choose this old-fashioned cutting method!


Chisels are the most common carving tools used by woodworkers. With their sharp metal edges and skilled carving techniques, woodworkers create various intricate designs in wood. Precise cutting/carving is achieved by striking Wood Cutting Tools with a hammer. These Wood Cutting Tools for Crafts require a high level of wood, as whole and smooth woods, such as mahogany, mahogany, etc.
It is also important that the operator has much experience. Otherwise, you can easily hit the hammer on your hand and chisel through the wood. CNC wood carving machines are based on the principle of the chisel. Many internationally renowned wood fresco designs are carved with a chisel on the wood bit by bit.
In addition to wood, many valuable marble and plaster reliefs are also finished using chisels.


The listing of Axe in Best Wood Cutting Tools for Crafts may need to be more accurate. This is because you can only use Axe to cut wood, and it is a rough cut. You can use Axe to cut the wood into several parts, but it is difficult to make precise cuts if you want to.
This is one of the oldest tree-cutting tools. About 1.5 million years ago, humans started cutting trees for fires and houses using Axe. Later on, many types of Axe were developed, depending on their use, such as broadaxes and felling axes.

Hand planing

Hand planing and chisels can be described as complementary tools. It would help if you used hand planing to cut the surface of the wood smoothly and then used a chisel or other wood cutting tools to carve/cut the wood into different designs.
The hand planing has a very sharp blade in the middle, and the wood cutting tools cut the surface of the wood very smoothly by removing the fragile surface of the material several times. This process can require a lot of force to complete. For many curved surfaces, you can do it very quickly.


The Adze and Axe are ancient wood cutting tools with similar functions. They looked like an axe and were initially used to cut stones. Later, gradually use them for felling wood. Whereas the axe mainly cuts wood horizontally, the adze mainly cuts trees vertically. And for wood with cracks, you can use one side as a support point and then use the leverage principle to split the wood in half.


A chainsaw is a step up from a saw, making your cutting process much more effortless. I don't need to go into too much detail for you to know a lot about chainsaws already.
In the USA, hiring someone to trim a large tree in our home is expensive, so I keep a chainsaw and a ladder. Every year I trim the overgrown branches of the trees in my yard myself. I buy a small chainsaw which is small and light, so I can easily pick it up with both hands. You can choose a chainsaw appropriate to your needs and abilities.
You can quickly cut a huge log with one of the large chainsaws pictured. Chainsaws have now gradually replaced the traditional hand saw.
Note that large chainsaws can be very powerful, and you are recommended to be guided by a professional if you are using one for the first time.



 A router is a type of electric wood cutting tool for crafts, which works on a principle similar to Hand planing by continuously thinning the material's surface to achieve a progressively smoother finish. The router now carves patterns and designs on many expensive wall cabinets and cupboards. However, the router is more challenging and requires experience and skill to achieve your desired result.

Wood Carving Knife

A wood carving knife is a specialized wood cutter tool used for intricate carving and shaping of wood. It typically has a narrow, curved blade for precise cuts.

Laser cutting machine


This is an exact wood cutting tool operated by computer intelligence. It is popular for its excellent engraving accuracy and cutting speed. You connect the machine to the power supply, enter the pattern you want to engrave into the computer, and the machine will automatically engrave/cut. You can also use it to cut various materials, including acrylic, marble, fabric, and more.
It is no exaggeration to say that these are the most precise and accurate wood cutting tools for crafts.

The CO2 laser cutter reacts with an electric current to the laser tube, and the gas inside the laser tube produces a laser beam. The laser tube's laser is converged into a laser beam by optical elements such as reflecting and focusing mirrors. The powerful energy of the laser beam immediately burns a path for instant carving/cutting purposes when it comes into contact with the wood.
A 50w CO2 laser cutter can easily cut a 10mm thick board. However, if the board is more comprehensive than 15mm, it may be necessary to repeat the cut 1-2 times to cut through it completely.
Below is a video of a CO2 laser cutter cutting various materials.

CNC wood cutter

Like the CO2 laser cutter, this popular wood cutting tool works by holding the material in a jig and then carving/cutting the wood with a drill. The drill works similarly to the Router by cutting the wood using the drill bit. It is also suitable for thicker woods, e.g., from 15mm.
It is important to note that the CNC wood cutter will produce many wood chips during carving, which you must clean up promptly.

Circular saws


The circular saw is the most popular of the original tree cutting tools for homeowners. It can handle a wide range of different types of tools and is flexible in its operation.
All you need is a table as a workbench to start your cutting design. Many home circular saws can now cut thin stones, metal, and other hard materials.

Best wood cutting machine for crafts


The first thing that struck us was the cutting speed of the cutter and its cutting accuracy. The spot size of the laser beam is only about 0.08*0.08mm, much smaller than the cross section of a chisel or axe.
The engraving accuracy is around 0.001mm, and even repeated cuts will be precisely positioned to the previous engraving position. The body of the machine and the frame are made of metal for a longer service life. The biggest advantage of the cutter as the most accurate wood cutting tool is that there are no engraving errors during the engraving process, which reduces material waste.


The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is also a commendable advantage. Gweike cloud basic II with 50 W has an engraving speed of 600 mm/s.
For vector cutting, it can cut/engrave effortlessly and with guaranteed detail. With an almost zero error rate, you don't have to worry about the complexity of the pattern affecting the engraving speed of the machine.


Wood cutting machines can cut wood, acrylic, leather, marble, glass, and other materials.
Laser machines are versatile. They can cut, engrave and score on wood and other materials such as acrylic, leather, ceramics, metal, rubber, glass, etc. If you buy a cutter that supports a rotary attachment, you can also cut/engrave cylinders or spheres such as glasses, mugs, rings, and crystal balls.
You can also sell products for profit by creating murals, puzzles, photos, etc.


Intelligent means placing the engraving material on the table, and then the computer controls the engraving. Once you have clicked the confirmation button, the machine starts up, and you can wait for a few minutes or seconds for your design.

Gweike G1 Blue laser cutting machine

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Criteria for choosing the best wood cutting tools

Before you choose any wood cutting tools, please read the following criteria. It will help you to choose the right tree cutting tools.


A laser cutter is suitable for cutting wood up to 20 mm. It is not only intelligent for pattern engraving but also precision cutting.
The CNC wood cutter is a good choice if you need automatic engraving and if the material to be engraved is thicker than 30 mm.
If you want to make large wood for wardrobes, bookshelves, etc., a chainsaw or circular saw is a good choice. However, you must purchase hand planing or chisels for surface treatment or carving processes.

Types of cutting

Suppose you want to cut the logs directly or trim the branches. You will need to use tools such as hand saws and chainsaws. You can choose hand planing or a router for edge preparation for a fine, burr-free edge.
If the type of wood you are cutting is plywood or smooth planks. You can choose between our gweike cloud basic II and gweike G1. And these boards are pretty thick. They are powerful and require no secondary processing after machine engraving/cutting.


If you want precision or accuracy in wood engraving, a laser or CNC wood cutter is the first choice. Gweike cloud basic II has an engraving accuracy of around 0.001mm, making it the perfect choice for engraving precision products such as 2D codes, medical scales, and jigsaws.
You can start with a hand saw or chainsaw if you do not require high precision.


Budget dictates your choice. If you have a budget of over $500, buying a laser marker or laser cutter is perfectly acceptable. They are perfect for making some of your trinkets.

Maintenance and precautions for wood cutting tools

Hand saws, chainsaws, and circular saws should not be left in a damp environment after use and should polish the teeth afterward to keep them sharp. Laser cutting machines, CNC wood cutters, and other tools need to be cleaned up in time after use, and the track needs to be lubricated with oil.

Machine maintenance

Regular maintenance extends its life, and well-functioning parts enhance the machine's efficiency.


When cleaning tools with sharp blades, such as hand saws and chainsaws, try to wear gloves to avoid hurting yourself.
When cleaning the focusing mirror of the cutter, you need to pay attention to using cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to wipe to avoid scratching the lens. Of course, the maintenance steps for different tools and the focus are other. More specifically, it would help if you asked the seller of the machine.

Best Wood Cutting Tools for Crafts Conclusion

The above has given you a clear idea of what wood cutting tools can do for you, and no matter which tool you choose, they all have unique uses and characteristics. Of course, if you want to start your own business by making crafts, choosing a wood design cutting machine is your best choice. Also, for beginners, a laser engraver is a safer option. Manual or electric wood cutting tools are more suitable for professionals with some engraving skills.

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