Gweike Cloud G1 - Best Diode Laser Engraver

Diode laser engraver was sold about 7 years ago, and its high precision engraving details and super fast engraving speed are popular with many large factories.
However, it was unsuitable for small businesses and beginners because of its large size and high price. Later, after continuous research and development, the size became smaller and smaller while maintaining its original engraving accuracy.
Now the desktop diode laser engraver is only slightly bigger than a basketball. Whether for a home or small business, you can quickly move it.

Best Diode Laser Engraver

Gweike Laser previously specialized in manufacturing industrial laser cutting machines. The company launched the sub-brand gweike cloud to make laser engraving safer and more convenient. Many diode laser engraver manufacturers make safety gimmicks but produce machines that do not guarantee basic international safety and protection standards.

g1 Best diode laser engraver

I will summarize the various aspects of this machine, including its strengths and weaknesses, to help you better decide whether this diode laser engraver is worth buying.
In this article

  1. Gweike Cloud G1 Specifications
  2. Pros and cons of Gweike Cloud G1
  3. How to set up Gweike Cloud G1?
  4. Gweike Cloud G1 Features
  5. How much does the Gweike Cloud G1 cost?
  6. Buyer's Guide: Is the Gweike Cloud G1 worth the price?
  7. Final Words

Gweike Cloud G1 Specifications

Model specification G1
Machine Power 120W
Laser Module Output Power 10W
Laser Wavelength 450nm
Laser Spot 0.08mm*0.06mm
Overall Machine Size 613*590*160mm
Machine Weight 6.6KG
Engraving Range 400mm*400mm
Engraving Accuracy 0.01mm
Engraving Speed 400mm/s
Connection Method USB
Support File Format ai *pdf *sc *dxf *hpgl *plt ...
Support System Windows/Linux
Control Software Lightburn
Input Power 120w24v5A

Pros and cons of Gweike Cloud G1

Metal laser engraver enclosure

Metal laser engraver enclosure

G1 supports the purchase of a metal laser engraver enclosure to isolate the laser, which is the most important feature of G1 diode laser engraver. All laser cutters emit laser radiation and can completely isolate the use of a metal laser engraver enclosure from all laser radiation. This ensures that the G1 is harmless to humans when working.

High precision engraving

The engraving accuracy of the Diode laser engraver is 0.01mm, which is about 3 times higher than the normal CO2 laser engraver. It can easily handle a lot of very complex details. You can use the G1 to brilliantly engrave precise patterns such as 2D codes and scales on materials such as wood and leather.

Long life span

A diode laser engraver has no wearing parts compared with a CO2 laser cutter, and laser engraving is a contactless engraving method, so there is no wear and tear on the machine during use.
The whole machine is made of aluminum, and the overall wear resistance of the machine's body is very good.

High Repeat Positioning Accuracy

The overall repeat positioning accuracy of the machine is very high, even if the second engraving can still be accurate by the previous engraving traces.
G1's stepper motor has a very small degree and small rotation angle, so it greatly improves its engraving accuracy.

Large engraving area

Although this is a desktop diode laser engraver, it has an engraving area of 400*400mm, which can accommodate most material engraving. The large engraving area means you don't need to pause the machine to move the material when engraving larger objects. You can finish engraving plates in one go.

Easy to use

Even if you have no previous experience with laser engraver installation or use, you can quickly assemble the parts and connect to the design software to start your design.

Lightburn support

Another great feature of the G1 diode laser engraver is that it supports lightburn. Lightburn is a very powerful laser design software on which you can easily design various engraving designs.

Wide range of engraving materials

You can engrave plywood, leather, acrylic, wood, and all other non-metal materials and cut 5mm wood and 3mm acrylic in one go.

Emergency stop button

You can stop the machine immediately when it encounters a malfunction. The machine has a red emergency stop button for safety reasons. At the same time, if the machine is working with the machine tilted, the laser head is seriously hit, etc., the laser head will immediately stop the light.

Air Assist

This diode laser engraver comes standard with air assist, so you don't need to spend extra money on it. When cutting wood, acrylic, leather, etc., the air assist prevents the material from burning and also helps to improve engraving accuracy.


No downside, hahaha. This is not me exaggerating. The same quality diode laser engraver, G1 price, parameters, features, etc., are slightly better than the same power.

Gweike G1 Features

High speed

The engraving speed of Gweike G1 is 400mm/s, which is much faster than the same power of a blue diode laser engraver. If you are looking for a laser engraver that can cut objects at high speed, Gweike G1 is your best diode laser engraver.

Dedicated Software

The G1 is a co-branded model with lightburn, powerful professional software for laser equipment. We also give you a video of the software in action, or you can also find extensive instructions on YouTube.

Rotary Engraving

The new rotary attachment supports engraving more cylinders, such as baseball bats, mugs, etc.


The Gweike Cloud G1 riser helps to increase the height of the machine so that you can engrave taller objects. 


Gweike cloud G1 How much does it cost?

As the first diode laser engraver of Gweike Cloud, the G1 is very inexpensive. The early bird price of the machine with a 10w module is only $399. After that, the daily price is $459. If you buy a large quantity, you can also contact our sales staff to get more discounts.

Buyer's Guide: Is the Gweike Cloud G1 worth the price?

I take a buyer's point of view, this machine is not particularly bright, but air assist, emergency stop button, tilt emergency stop, laser engraver enclosure these machine configuration G1, and the G1 engraving speed, accuracy, working area, and other parameters in the same power diode laser engraver is very outstanding.
The most important thing is that the price of G1 is much lower than other machines of the same type, and the whole of G1 is a metal frame with a long service life.
Gweike equipped the G1 diode laser engraver with a professional after-sales team. Machine in the transportation, delivery, and other aspects of any problem, you can promptly contact our staff, and we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Final words

Gweike G1 is a praiseworthy diode laser engraver. The machine is unique in all aspects of use, safety, functionality, etc.
You can hardly buy a diode laser engraver with the same quality, parameters, and functions as the G1 at the same price.

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