20 Best Wooden Anniversary Gifts

Wooden anniversary gifts are the perfect opportunity to show your love. Wooden anniversary gifts are perfect for expressing love by carving or creating anniversary gifts as deep-rooted as a tree. Wooden keepsakes will last forever and are ideal for any anniversary gift.
This article lists 50 of the best wooden anniversary gifts, from everyday items to personalized keepsakes. Our collection of 50 wooden anniversary gifts is sure to inspire you.

20 of the best wooden anniversary gifts for him/her

Wooden anniversary greeting cards

Regarding gifts, we often think of greeting cards, and a card for your partner on your anniversary is certainly very memorable. It is even more precious when it has a unique commemorative message.

Wooden storage box

Make a unique wooden storage box with your partner's name or anniversary date engraved on it to give as a gift. This keepsake gift will always remind you of the happiness of the occasion and make you more in love with each other.

Chopping board

Isn't it amazing that a chopping board can be a gift? Yes, if your partner is a gourmet cook, then a special bespoke chopping board as a wooden anniversary gift is heart-warming. This practical wooden anniversary gift will make you and your partner feel welcome whenever you cook.

Wooden photo frame

Make this gift unique by presenting an exclusive wooden frame with the most memorable photograph. Displayed in a prominent place, it will make you feel loved daily.

Bespoke photo album

A wooden anniversary gift, similar to a photo frame, is a bespoke wooden album made by engraving pictures on a wooden panel using a laser engraver and then laminating the wooden pictures in various ways.

Wooden cufflinks

We often buy brooches, watches, earrings, and other small accessories to decorate ourselves. Wooden cufflinks are certainly a very unique idea. This is a scarce wooden anniversary gift, and it would be a very original gift to give your partner a wooden cufflink.

Wooden wine rack

For many wine collectors, a wine rack is a very practical wooden anniversary gift for him, and you can create various styles to add some rustic charm to your wine cabinet.

Wooden puzzles

Wooden puzzles are probably the first thing you think of when you see a wooden puzzle. Not exactly. There are many more challenging and creative puzzles that you can customize. For example, you could make a picture of you and your partner or a landscape you love and then make it into a jigsaw puzzle where you can solve the puzzle together.

Wooden candle holders

Wooden candlesticks can add light to a family evening and make a unique wooden anniversary gift for her.

Wooden mobile phone stand

Give your partner a bespoke wooden phone stand that can be tailored to the right height to protect the spine so you don't have to constantly look down at your phone. Protects your family's health while keeping your workspace organized.

Wooden kitchenware

Wooden kitchenware can make a kitchen even more attractive. For example, rolling pins, knife handles and panels can all be personalized. This creative wooden anniversary gift will remind you of the love you share with your partner whenever you cook or eat.

Wooden birdhouses

Do you have a large tree in the yard of your house? If so, you can hang a wooden birdhouse from a large tree. Making a home for birds is certainly a very meaningful gift.

Wooden flower pots

Bringing home the scent of nature's flowers by making wooden planters can add beauty to your yard. It can be a delightful addition to a patio party or afternoon tea.

Wooden table lamp

A wooden table lamp above your bed will create a cozy atmosphere for your home. This practical wooden anniversary gift will bring warmth and light to you and your partner at night.

Wooden spoon

Personalize a wooden spoon by engraving it with a special design. A wooden spoon is a practical and long-lasting wooden anniversary gift.

Wooden bookends

For a partner who loves to read, a bespoke bookend as an anniversary gift is the perfect choice. A wooden bookend is resistant to damage and can be engraved with your favorite quotes. You can also set the book file in the ideal shape to suit your partner's preferences.

Wooden gift basket

A handmade gift basket filled with snacks or a carefully selected gift for your partner is the perfect gift to surprise them on their anniversary.

Wooden octavo box

Making a wooden octave box as an anniversary gift for her is very touching. She can fill it with a special song, a gift that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Wooden plaque

For a partner who loves to travel, you could engrave a wooden plaque with a favorite photo of the occasion and then engrave the back with the time and place. This would make a very touching and memorable wooden anniversary gift.

Wooden jewelry

Make a unique and personalized wooden bracelet or necklace as a wooden anniversary gift. You can engrave it with a name or a memorial message, making it the perfect gift to reflect your love.

How to make a wooden anniversary gift using Gweike

Have you seen any of the wooden anniversary gifts that impressed you? You can use the Gweike G1 and Gweike Cloud Basic II to realize all your creative ideas. The laser engraver makes all the above gift ideas very easy to realize. And it can engrave on various materials, including acrylic, marble, leather and many more.

  1. Compatible with a wide range of materials: you can choose from various kinds of wood, such as mahogany, walnut, and plywood to add even more color to your gift.
  2. Personalised design: You can easily design many personalized wooden anniversary gifts.
  3. Easy to operate: A full user instruction video makes the machine very easy to set up and use.


The wooden anniversary gifts are a perfect choice. Their natural beauty and their ability to last forever make them very memorable. Every time your partner sees the gift, he or she will be reminded of how moving it was.


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