22 Laser Cutter Projects For Beginners

We have compiled a list of 22 popular Laser Cutter Projects based on the number of laser engraving products sold in the Etsy store. We use gweikecloud plus to mimic these popular projects.

Top 22 Laser Cutter Projects

Wooden Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle

This is certainly a very creative Laser Cutter Project. We can buy other people's DIY puzzle ideas or design them ourselves and then complete the carving on the board. After that, you can do it yourself to put them together into the final pattern. We can also set some simple to stimulate the creativity and imagination of children.

Bird house

bird house

It is very meaningful to make some bird nests hang on our trees and wait for the birds to live in them. We can also put food inside to feed them.

Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments laser cut projects

If you have children at home, you can also paint the decorations with them and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder

It is a cozy thing to make a napkin holder for your dining room with your own hands. You can choose thick wood cardboard because the napkins are very light. We see this little idea every time we take napkins for dinner, which is delightful. It can help us to make our kitchen neater.

Mini wall pot

Mini wall pot laser cut projects

Why make vertical gardens if you have little space to grow flowers? The Mini wall Pot is a cool laser cutter project that creates two crossed planks that can hold vases of flowers. You can also carve the names of plants on the planks to create an indoor garden for yourself.

Flower vase

Flower vase

You can set it as an extra-large size to use as a trash can or make it a small size to display flowers. Add color to our lives and can keep our mood happy.

Dog bowl holder

laser cut projects

It's a trendy laser cutter project to make a food shelf for our pet newbies, which can make our home more organized and clean. Of course, you can also cut out the appropriate hole to fix the bowl according to the size of the pet bowl on the shelf. This will prevent your pet from knocking over food while eating.

Fruit bowl

Fruit bowl

Fruit bowls can look different. A retractable fruit bowl can be designed for our living room that can easily stretch for efficiency. A wooden board is cut opposite the low end, with the bottom of the fruit bowl remaining attached. Wooden strips are then fixed around the perimeter so they are easily attached.

Wood animals

laser cutter projects-1

All you need is paint, 2/3mm plywood, and glue, and you are ready to start your design journey. This is currently one of the most popular laser cutter projects on Etsy. I also tried to choose 1.5mm snow stock to make it before, and the result was also very good. Hurry up and use your imagination to design more animal laser cutter projects! This is one of the easy laser projects for beginners to try cutting designs.

3d Puzzle design

laser cut projects

This is a challenging laser engraver project idea. This is a DIY design that one of our customers shared with us. When you have tried previous easy laser projects, you can do some of these 3D designs. These laser cutter projects require a high imagination and hands-on ability.
I hope you can succeed in one go. You can also ask for the design package in our Facebook community. They are happy to share with you.

Wooden Map

laser cut projects

These cool laser cutter projects already require a strong imagination and hands-on skills. For beginners, this design may be challenging!

Coffee Capsule Storage

laser cut projects

Coffee is my favorite drink, so if you love coffee as much as I do and buy a lot of coffee packs or capsules, make yourself a coffee capsule organizer! This is one of the best laser cut projects for beginners.

Wooden lamps enclosure


Making a beautiful lampshade for our light bulb can make our night more colorful. You can hang it above the bed or in the hallway to provide soft lighting at night, but it can also make our house look more design-oriented. This is a great laser cutter project idea.

Laser cutter cardboard projects

Laser cutter cardboard projects

Can design a unique card for birthdays, weddings, graduations, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Laser engraving is your best choice to make your card stand out. It can make any design you want on the card and is low-cost and easy to operate. There is no damage to the surrounding material during the cutting or engraving process.



You can use a laser cutter to make jewelry or jewelry bags that are individually customized for your boyfriend (girlfriend) is very meaningful. You can also engrave numbers or words that are meaningful to you on it, which is less cool than a tattoo! This kind of custom jewelry will always make a statement.

Laser cutter projects

Laser cutter projects

This is a great project that you can use to carve and cut all kinds of beautiful decorations. You can hang them on our windows or paste them on ice doors to add color to our living environment.

Laser cut coasters

Laser cut coasters

Cut coasters have a wide range of uses. We can put it on top of the Cut coaster for afternoon tea or just from the oven out of the plate. It can protect our table from harm, especially hot plates, baking pans, etc.

Display Stand

Display Stand

It can make the display Stand save space and make your home look neater. You can use the Display Stand in many places, such as kitchens, bedrooms, desks, etc. With the laser cutter, you can make various kinds of Display Stand to suit your needs.

Wood Art

wood art

Hanging a copy of your own carved Wood Wall Art on the walls of your home is a very fulfilling task. You can even have important photos sculpted into murals for display in your room.

Engraving glass

Engraving glass

This is a very hot laser cutter project where you can use the rotary attachment in the laser cutter to engrave champagne glasses, wine glasses, and various cylinders. This will undoubtedly bring huge benefits to your laser engraving business.

Openwork fabric

Openwork fabric-2

Our t-shirts, jeans, bed linen, and curtains can all be laser engraved, so design your garment! You can cut the fabric directly with the laser cutter, but it is best to turn off the air assist or use tape to hold it in place when cutting light fabrics such as silk. It is best to turn off the air assist or tape when cutting light fabrics like silk. This will prevent the air assist from blowing debris everywhere after engraving.



This is a very creative laser cutter project. If you use wood to carve a flower, it will never fade. This way, you get an everlasting flower. The back of the flower can be engraved with the meaningful event of the day and then stored in a vacuum-armored box. We can still take it out when we grow old and remember the day's story.

Sites for free laser cutter project downloads

Here are a few sites that offer free designs. You can download files from them for free, but you must be careful if your free project allows commercial use. If you need to commercialize, check carefully for available licenses or clear instructions about royalties.

Laser Ready Templates

This is a dedicated site for free laser cutter projects, where you can find a wide variety of free design projects and download the files you need. However, the number of free projects you can use is limited, and if you want to continue using each project after a week of free use, you will need to pay for them. The number of free files allowed per week is about 3-4.


Ponoko is one of the more well-known paid design sites, offering design solutions for dozens of materials. Prices range from $0.10 to $50, depending on their complexity. A big reason for its popularity is its many free cutting projects available for download. And there is a wide selection of free downloadable files.
You can get inspiration from its designs to enhance your work.

Design Bundles

You can get incredible laser cutting projects for as low as $1 every Wednesday. It also has tons of free projects, and all the design options on the site are available for commercial use.

K40 Laser Cutter

K40 Laser Cutter is like a library, which has a huge amount of free cutting solutions. At the same time, all the projects are unique, and you will hardly find similar ones on the website. At the same time, K40 Laser Cutter has many projects, including 2D, 3D, and other designs.


3Axis has many design solutions where you can download files without registration. If you still need to get ideas on design, you can also come here to find some ideas.

Gweike cloud design

Gweike cloud also has a lot of free laser cutter projects, which you can directly log in and download for free. The design laser cutter projects are updated from time to time according to the current hot and trendy products, and if you have ideas, you can also consult the staff, and they will give professional guidance.


These 18 laser cutter projects ideas in the article are only a small part of the laser cutting projects. Many design projects are waiting for you to create. If you have new laser cutter projects, click here, and our staff will give you professional advice!

Thank you for reading the whole article, if you have any other questions you can ask our staff.

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