Best CO2 Laser Engraver for Beginners

Laser engraving from the initial large size and difficult to operate to now portable and easy to operate. It is gradually coming into the stores and our home life. Many people will buy a portable CO2 Laser Engraver for daily use. These machines are generally small and can be placed on a table. At the same time, we can easily add many products of our design to our homes, such as wall art, tea coasters, greeting cards, leather, etc.
The Gweikecloud series of products are safe and suitable for independent use by children over 6 years old. So far, Gweikecloud has launched 3 models of laser cutters. This article focuses on the Gweikecloud Pro, which is currently one of the company's best CO2 laser engravers.

In this article

  1. Gweikecloud Pro Specifications
  2. Pros and cons of Gweikecloud pro
  3. How to set up Gweikecloud Pro?
  4. Gweikecloud pro features
  5. Gweikecloud pro accessories and attachments
  6. How much does Gweikecloud pro cost?
  7. Buyer's Guide: Is Gweikecloud pro worth the price?
  8. Final Words

Gweikecloud pro specifications

Machine Gweikecloud pro Gweikecloud plus
Power 50W 36W
Gross Power 550W 550W
Laser Type CO₂ Glass Laser Tube RF Metal Laser Tube
Lifespan 10000h 20000h
Carving Speed 600mm/s 1200mm/s
Work Table Area 20.08" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm) 20.08" (510mm)*11.47" (290mm)
Max. Workpiece Height 2" (51mm) 2" (51mm)
Power AC 110-220V±10%,50-60Hz AC 110-220V±10%,50-60Hz
Connection / Transmission USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet
Certifies FCC / FDA / CE FCC / FDA / CE
Operating Systems Windows/macOS Windows/macOS
Design Software AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, Google AutoDraw, etc. AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, Google AutoDraw, etc.
Noise Rating ≤70dB ≤70dB
Weight 42.6kg 45.6kg
Package weight 58+17kg 58kg
Size 970*565*234.5MM 970*565*234.5MM
Package size 114*73*36CM+72*35*32CM 114*73*36CM

Pros and cons of Gweikecloud pro


Emergency button

For safety reasons, the bottom right corner of the machine is equipped with an emergency stop button. It can stop the machine immediately in case of an abnormal situation. And CO2 Laser Engraver will also stop working immediately when the lid and drawer are opened during working conditions. So even if the children at home accidentally open the top in the working state, there is no need to worry about their safety.

High Precision

With an engraving accuracy of 0.001" (0.025mm), the CO2 laser engraver allows you to engrave intricate designs on very small sizes. There are almost no burn marks on the material's surface, the production details are very fine, and the lines are very clear. The tiny details and edges of the pattern are well-handled.

Long life

The service life of co2 glass tube is about 10,000h, which means you can use it continuously for a year and a half before will use it up. The machine's frame is made of aviation standard aluminum, durable aluminum. The life span of the machine can reach about twenty years.

High Repeat Positioning Accuracy

A big part of what makes Gweikecloud pro stand out from the rest is its high repeatability. It does not affect the original cutting surface. For materials that are not cut through, we can make a second cut, and as one of the best CO2 laser engravers, it can make a second cut precisely in the original position. Even after years of use, it can still maintain high precision.

Large engraving area

The engraving area of Gweikecloud is about the size of A3 paper and can be engraved at any length because it can pass it back and forth. The important thing is that the large engraving area of this CO2 laser engraver ensures that you do not have to move the material frequently during the engraving process.

Easy to operate

The CO2 laser engraver is a friendly and easy to use a cutting machine that can be operated independently by children over 6 years old without an adult. It supports the online and off-grid operation and comes with material cutting parameters and a table of focus parameters. At the same time, gweike will send each user free instructions and an operation video. There is also a 24-hour online customer service to answer questions.

Can cut a wide range of materials

It is a CO2 laser machine, so it can easily cut acrylic, leather, cotton and linen, wood, and all other non-metallic materials. Of course, you can also use it to cut metal materials, such as aluminum oxide or stainless steel, with a chemical coating. But it is not recommended to cut metal materials such as gold, silver, carbon steel, etc., because it can damage the CO2.

Free filter cabinet and fan and material package

We will give you a free gas filtration cabinet, fan, and material package with the purchase of the machine.

Can add a Rotary axis

The CO2 laser engraver supports the installation of rotary axes so that the prototype can cut plates and tubes. The machine is more efficient and easier to use.

Low noise level

The machine's working sound is only 70dp, equivalent to everyday human speech.


*All the limitations mentioned below have been solved in the updated version of gweikecolud plus.

Cannot cut metal materials for a long time

Cutting metal materials for long periods accelerates the reduction of the laser tube life. However, the plus version replaces the glass laser tube with an RF metal tube, which increases the lifetime and allows cutting metal.

How to operate gweikecloud Pro?

After receiving the package, check whether the outer packaging is complete. And whether the accessories and machines inside are complete. The accessories inside the box are as follows.

  1. Material package
  2. WiFi connection instruction
  3. Foam
  4. Air duct
  5. Pipe fan
  6. Power cord
  7. USB cable
  8. Network cable lamp
  9. Drawer
  10. Honeycomb panel

The package will include another purchase if you have purchased additional products. Here is an unboxing video that will be helpful to you.

Gweikecloud Pro Features

High speed

Gweikecloud Pro works at a very high speed of 600 mm/sec. When used, it is much faster than many machines. Its excellent engraving speed can save a lot of engraving time.

Automatic identification

The CO2 laser engraver can recognize the QR code on the material and then automatically obtain all the data of the material. The cloud-based operating system automatically sets the optimal parameters, such as focal length, power, and speed, to engrave the material.

High power

Many laser CO2 engravers use 5W, 10W, and other low power, slow cutting speeds. We use a 50W laser tube, so the cutting speed is 3-4 times faster than other machines. Greatly improve efficiency.

Rotary Engraving

Gweikecloud Pro supports the addition of rotary axes, and the standard rotary attachment is perfect for engraving cylindrical objects with the laser. You can engrave everything from wine glasses and mugs to spheres easily.

Many Data Transfer Options

You can choose WiFi, USB, and Ethernet for data transfer, so you don't have to worry about data not being transferred to the machine.

Auto Focus

If you still need help with focus, focusing is undoubtedly the most common problem for beginners. Gweikecloud Pro uses a laser to sense the focus automatically. You do not need to worry about the focus problem at all.

Gweikecloud Pro's accessories and attachments

Powerful CO2

The Gweikecloud Pro has a 50w CO2 that uses a convex lens to gather the beams into a laser beam, and the laser is potent. The high power provides extremely fast speed, which can help you finish cutting in a shorter time. It can even cut 10mm boards in one go.

Filter cabinet

A filter cabinet is included to make emissions to the outside more environmentally friendly.

Adding rotary attachment

The rotary attachment has a wide range of applications. About 99% of the column can be cut and engraved. It can also be used as a roller rotator, chuck rotator, sphere rotator, and bottle turner. Also, if you want to engrave or cut large size products, you can remove the support module to finish engraving.

How much does the Gweikecloud Pro cost?

Gweikecloud Pro is a full-featured CO2 laser engraver, and it is priced at only $3199 (current discounted price). The machine may also use other accessories: the price of $139 for two packs of filter cotton is about 6-12 months replacement time; co2 laser glass tube price of $400, it is about 10,000h life; if you are very concerned about the quality of filtered air, you need to pay extra to buy a special filter cabinet, priced at $999. If you are a beginner, support installments can easily buy this machine.

Is the Gweikecloud Pro worth the price?

If you are new to a CO2 laser engraver, I'm sure this is a very troubling question. How to judge whether an item is worth it or not? There are thousands of brands of laser cutting machines on the market. We can compare them with each other in terms of their parameters and features. We next briefly compare the prices and parameters of similar machines of well-known brands.

Product Gweikecloud Pro Glowforge Plus Omtech
Price $3150(including shipping) $4995(including shipping) $2999 (excluding freight)
Size 970*565*234.5mm 965*527*210mm 970*566*234mm
Laser tube power 50w 40w 50w
Max material height 2″ (50mm) 2″ (50mm) 2″ (50mm)
Height on honeycomb panels 15mm 13mm 17mm
Machining speed 600mm/s 300mm/s 500mm/s
Does off-grid work Yes No Yes
Standard FDA UL FDA
Positioning precision 0.001” (0.025mm) 0.001” (0.025mm) 0.001” (0.025mm)
Noise Rating ≤70dB ≤70dB ≤70dB
Processing Area 20.08" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm) 11″ (279 mm) deep*19.5″ (495 mm) 20.01" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm)
Case material Plastic Plastic Plastic

There is no doubt that gweikecloud pro is the ideal choice for beginners. You don't need professional experience because it is very easy to operate. You can also see videos of its use on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media platforms.

Secondly, our price is affordable, $3150 including shipping and tax, and also free material kit and filter cabinet. Of course, some countries also support installment payments. Another important aspect is that our version will be constantly upgraded, letting you receive new things. Our customer service is also online 24 hours a day, while the purchase of the machine will also send you operating videos to help you to use it better.

Final words

If you are looking for an ideal CO2 laser engraver, gweikecloud pro is a good choice. The machine is unique in all features, specifications, and configurations. If you want any questions about the device, you can directly consult our staff to answer them.

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