12 Best Hobby Laser Cutting Machines in 2023

This article will focus on hobby laser cutting machines. If you want to start your own laser engraving business, the machines recommended below are perfectly suited.

There are recommendations for any budget, model, and material that suits you.
You can make the most informed decision when choosing the best laser cutters for your company by looking at the machines below.

Sure, I'd be happy to help! Here are some of the top hobby laser cutting machines, according to industry experts:
Review the list carefully and decide based on your needs and budget.

The best hobby laser cutting machines in 2023

Brands Machine name Power Price
Gweike Gweike G1 10w $439
Ortur Ortur LM3 10w $699.99
TwoTrees TwoTrees TS2 20w $779
xTool xTool D1 Pro 10w $849
Gweike Gweike G2 20w $1499(early bird)
LaserPecker LaserPecker 2 basic 5w $1139.51
Atomstack Atomstack X30 Pro 33w $1,299
Gweike Gweike nox 45w $2,499
Omtech Laser Omtech Laser Polar 50w $2,999
Gweike Gweike cloud pro II 50w $3,199
xTool xTool P2 55w $4,999
Glowforge Glowforge pro 45w $6,995
Epilog Laser Epilog Laser Fusion Maker 30w or 40w $9,995 or $11,995

Gweike G1

 Gweike G1

Gweike G1 Parameters
Laser power 10w
Machine size 613*590*160mm
Engraving accuracy 0.01mm
Speed 400mm/s
Gross weight 6.6kg
Engraving area 400*400mm
Laser Level Class IV

Gweike G1 is a new mini hobby laser cutting machine ready to be released recently and has all the features and parameters of a $1000 engraver. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is the machine to choose for your needs. This machine has upgraded features compared to the same machine from other brands.

  • Lightburn support for more accessible design
  • Super small spot size for better engraving and clarity
  • Machine tilt safety protection
  • Multiple machine feet to support taller objects
  • Rotating attachment for engraving cylinders

Ortur LM3

 Ortur LM3

Ortur LM3 Parameters
Laser power 10w
Machine size 588*660*150mm
Engraving accuracy 0.01mm
Speed 300mm/s
Gross weight 6.5kg
Engraving area 400*400mm
Laser Level Class IV

The Ortur LM3 is an economical mini hobby laser cutting machine that costs less than $1000 and is a good choice for many DIY designers. You can start your hobby carving for a fraction of the cost.

The hobby laser cutting machine weighs 6.5kg and you can quickly move it to any position. And you can also achieve material cutting by repeated engraving, although it takes longer.

The machine's best feature is supporting mobile app control, simplifying the design process. Making your engraving more convenient, you don't need to carry a computer to operate it.

  • Small size
  • Fast engraving speed
  • Emergency Stop Button

TwoTrees TS2

 TwoTrees TS2

TwoTrees TS2 Parameters
Laser power 10w
Machine size 733*721*172mm
Engraving accuracy 0.01mm
Speed 150mm/s
Gross weight 6.5kg
Engraving area 450*450mm
Laser Level Class IV

This is a well-known hobby laser cutting machine manufacturer. You can buy the machine here confidently.

The main advantage of this hobby laser cutter is safety. It comes with a flame detector and an intelligent automatic shut-off function. It also comes with a protective cover to maximise the machine's safety. The other parameters of the hobby laser cutter are quite ordinary and there is no shortage of laser cutters on the market today with better performance and lower prices. But if safety is important to you, this is the best hobby laser cutting machine to choose for your DIY laser cutting projects.
Like the Ortur LM3, it can also cut materials with repeated engraving.

  • Extra large cutting surface
  • Intelligent focus
  • Anti-tilt design

xTool D1 Pro 

xTool D1 Pro -3

xTool D1 Pro Parameters
Laser power 20w
Machine size 40*14.75*5.25 inches
Engraving accuracy 0.01mm
Speed 400mm/s
Gross weight 11kg
Engraving area 430*390mm
Laser Level Class IV

This is a mighty mini hobby laser cutting machine that allows you to do a lot of complex engraving easily.

The patented design allows you to focus quickly in less than 5s, while the difference in laser wavelength allows for colored metal engraving. The laser cutter is also very comprehensive, with safety features such as limit collisions, tilt alarms, and flame alarms all supported.
You can also purchase their risers for higher material engraving. This is essential for your diy laser cut projects.

  • Lightburn compatible
  • High engraving accuracy
  • Full functionality

Gweike G2

hobby laser cutter machine

Gweike G2 Parameters
Laser power 20w
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Speed 1,5000mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.01mm
Gross weight 12 kg
Engraving area 100*100mm
Laser Level Class I

Contrary to the Gweike G1, this is the best home laser engraver for metal. Although the machine is essentially a desktop laser marker, it can also cut some thin metals.
As a 20W fiber laser cutter, its parameters, features, price, safety, and quality are unparalleled. If you treat it as a hobby laser cutting machine, it can fully meet your needs. The CE standard protection enclosure protects you by blocking laser radiation during cutting.
If you want to buy a 20w laser engraving machine, choosing G2 will be a good decision. This is a home model of an industrial cutting machine. The multi-angle engraving and movable laser head allow you to operate more flexibly.
No exaggeration, G2 is the best laser engraver for small businesses.

LaserPecker 2 basic

LaserPecker 2 basic-4

LaserPecker 2 Parameters
Laser power 5w
Machine size 11.46 x 11.38 x 7.44 inches
Speed 600mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.05mm
Gross weight 4 kg
Engraving area 100*100mm
Laser Level Class I

The super fast engraving speed is ideally suited to your engraving needs. Although this machine is not very powerful, it is perfectly adequate as a mini hobby laser cutting machine. You can also buy the bundling machine for a price, which comes with a battery, meaning you can take it with you where there is no power.

The dual lens oscillator technology supports a finer spot for finer engraving throughout, while the included swivel attachment allows for engraving rotating cylinders.

Quick assembly is the most popular comment from its users, with the fastest being that it took only half an hour to assemble all the machine parts. It also supports pre-engraving previews, so you can see exactly where the engraving will occur.
The downside of this machine is that it can only be used for engraving, not cutting.

  • Multi-angle engraving
  • Removable laser head
  • Supports battery charging
  • Easy focus

Atomstack X30 Pro

 Atomstack X30 Pro-5

Atomstack X30 Pro Parameters
Laser power 33w
Machine size 16.14 x 15.75 x 6.5 inches
Speed 400mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.01mm
Gross weight 5 kg
Engraving area 400*400mm
Laser Level Class IV

The most significant advantage of the Atomstack X30 Pro as a hobby laser cutting machine is the high laser power, which means you can engrave deeper patterns. In contrast to comparable portable laser cutting machines, it has a free rechargeable battery and gas assisted unit. This means that you do not have to pay for them separately.

Other parameters are less outstanding than those of similarly priced hobby laser cutting machines, so you can compare them all to make your choice.

  • Super high power
  • Gas assist as standard
  • Fast cutting speed
  • Offline working support

Gweike NOX


Gweike nox Parameters
Laser power 45w
Machine size 970*565*234.5mm
Speed 500mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.001mm
Gross weight 45.6 kg
Engraving area 510*300mm
Laser Level Class I

This is an economical hobby laser cutting machine. Gweike has kept the price to a minimum without compromising on performance. All the above features are focused on engraving, and this is a full-fledged cutting machine. It supports both cutting and engraving functions.

Many gweike laser cutter machine users have told us they would like to buy it, but the price is too high for their expectations. So they have developed this economical CO2 laser cutter.

The best feature of this machine is that it has all the essential equipment at the lowest price. It also supports live camera preview, so you can see where the pattern is being cut/engraved at any time.

The water cooler is built in. People may prefer air cooling, thinking only industrial cutters need a water cooler. This doesn't seem right. The cooling effect of a water cooler is far better than air cooling. Air-cooled equipment is cheaper, so many manufacturers advertise that air-cooling is better than water cooling. They are wrongly luring consumers.

  • Fully enclosed design
  • Standard with super air assist
  • Light burn support

Omtech Laser Polar


Omtech Laser Polar Parameters
Laser power 50w
Machine size 38.2"*22.3"*9.2"
Speed 600mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.001mm
Gross weight 47 kg
Engraving area 20.1" *11.8"
Laser Level Class I

The Omtech Laser Polar is an excellent hobby laser cutting machine with a reasonable price that gives it an edge over the competition. In addition to its unique design, it has features to support continuous production for many small businesses.

Automatic focus and a 360 degree panoramic camera give you excellent engraving results. For most people's laser engraving projects, the Polar is perfectly adequate.

It also supports SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, and many other file formats.

  • Wide range of engraving materials
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Easy installation and ready to use right out of the box

Gweike cloud pro II


Gweike cloud pro II Parameters
Laser power 50w/55w
Machine size 970*565*234.5mm
Speed 600mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.001mm
Gross weight 45.6 kg
Engraving area 510*300mm
Laser Level Class I

The Gweike cloud pro II is the benchmark machine in the hobby laser cutting machine range. In addition to its affordable price, it also comes with a rotary axis as standard. This means you can engrave all kinds of cylinders, such as mugs and rings, to create a wide range of DIY designs.

The metal housing and industrial frame construction make the machine last longer. Real-time camera preview and image extraction enable the precise positioning of the material to be engraved.
With front and rear feed-through, you can engrave materials of unlimited lengths.

  • 360° rotating engraving
  • Industrial frame construction
  • Automatic focus
  • Comes with material kit, blower

xTool P2


xTool P2 Parameters
Laser power 55w
Machine size 1000×639×268mm
Speed 600mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.001mm
Gross weight 45 kg
Engraving area 600*308mm
Laser Level Class I

This is a very remarkable hobby laser cutting machine, which adds curved surfaces to all the above machines. This is the most significant competitive advantage of the whole machine.

The machine also has an automatic conveyor feeder for extra-long material engraving. These are the two most significant advantages of this machine.
Note: The rotary attachment, machine feet, and feeder are available at an additional cost.

If you have the budget, this is a great machine. However, it is recommended that you buy it after a while, as many internet celebrities on YouTube and various social media outlets such as Facebook are giving this hobby laser cutter only a few good reviews. Many say that many of the machine's features are buggy and must constantly return to the factory for repairs.
If you want one, you can wait for the machine to stabilize before buying it.

  • Curved surface engraving
  • High power carving efficiency
  • Support rotary engraving

Glowforge pro


Glowforge pro Parameters
Laser power 45w
Machine size 965*527*210mm
Speed 600mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.001mm
Gross weight 22 kg
Engraving area 279*495mm
Laser Level Class IV

The Glowforge Pro is the top of the range of machines from this brand. Its configuration is excellent for a CO2 laser cutter, and as a well-known brand in the industry, its features and equipment are very stable and perfectly suited to most diy laser cut projects.

However, it advertises itself as a 3D laser printer, which is inaccurate. You can make 3D objects using design modeling but not direct 3D printing. And it requires WiFi to make the machine work.

  • Fast engraving speed
  • High engraving accuracy

Epilog Laser Fusion Maker

Epilog Laser Fusion Maker Parameters
Laser power 30w
Machine size 1003*673*455mm
Speed 3050mm/s
Engraving accuracy 0.001mm
Gross weight 63 kg
Engraving area 610*305mm
Laser Level Class IV

The Fusion Maker is a much more professional machine than the hobby laser cutting machines above and is built to the standards of industrial CO2 laser cutters. If you only want to buy a home laser cutter, there is no need to choose this machine.

But if you want to use it for industrial production, consider this machine.

Notes on choosing a hobby laser cutting machine

If you are not a massive fan of a particular brand, it is perfectly acceptable to consider several of the above recommended brands of machines. Whichever one you buy from, there will be no significant defects. Even if there are problems with the machine during shipping or later use, these brands can provide a prompt solution.

Laser tubes

Since introducing the CO2 laser cutter into the market, the CO2 laser tube has become increasingly well known. It is one of the essential parts of the machine. It is advisable to check the laser tube's life expectancy before buying it. Most have a life expectancy of 10,000h, although very few machines achieve this. This is why purchasing a replacement or an extended warranty for your CO2 laser tube is essential.

You can also choose a fiber laser source to start a customized business. It is also one of the best hobbyist laser cutters because the advantages of the fiber laser source are outstanding. Despite the high price of fiber hobby laser cutters, they are suitable for engraving and cutting metal materials, and the laser tube has a long service life. This is why it is always the best choice for many small businesses.

Work area

Choose a working table of 100* 100mm or more, giving you more flexibility in cutting and engraving. A larger work surface is more conducive to your design production. We recommend choosing a machine with a through feed if you frequently need to cut long materials.


Laser power can affect the machine's cutting efficiency, speed, and engraving effect. Laser power should be distinct from machine power, as many unscrupulous vendors only write power: 50w, but the cutting power of the machine is 2w. For engraving, a laser power of 10-20w is sufficient. For cutting, a min laser power of 35w is required to complete the cut.

There is a specific correlation between laser power and price. The higher the power, the more expensive it will be.

Maintenance costs

This is an essential part of the purchase of a hobby laser cutting machine. Whether it is a CO2 laser cutter or any other model, a certain amount of maintenance needs to be carried out in the later stages of use. For example, the focus mirror and glass tube of the CO2 laser cutter are fragile parts that can be damaged after a certain period or by improper operation, which is part of what you need to think about.

When parts are damaged or other parts of the machine fail, we must first ensure that we can still contact the purchaser and that we can still buy parts. It is important to choose a major brand because you do not need to have any place to buy original parts when the machine breaks down in a few years.


If you only buy a machine for home engraving and DIY design, a hobby laser engraving machine for under $1000 will be perfectly suitable. If you need to cut materials or use the machine for your small business, then a CO2 laser cutter is the way to go.


Honestly, I wouldn't advise you to go for some of the lesser known ultra low cost hobby laser cutting machines. Although they are much less expensive than any of the ones on the list, many cheaper machines have some major defects in use. Whether you repair or return the machine, you will incur secondary costs later.


There is no clear limit to what brand and parameters you choose for your machine. If you want to engrave on paper or metal, you can buy a hobby laser cutting machine for less than $1000, such as Gweike G1,G2 or xTool D1 Pro.
If you're going to start laser engraving business or DIY laser cutting projects in wood, acrylic, etc., the hobby laser cutting machine costing over $2000 is essential.
What other excellent hobby laser cutting machines do you know? Please share them with us in the comments!

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