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Once we have a laser cut machine, we should consider how to import files or transfer images for engraving. Choosing the right Laser Engraver Software to design unparalleled engraving products is also crucial. Therefore, the following is a list of the best laser engraving software in 2023. We will also mention the price, features, and difficulty of using each software.
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7 Best Laser Engraver & Cutter Software

LightBurn - Best All-in-One

Lightburn is the most widely used and best known of all Laser Engraver & Cutter Software. It combines laser control and graphic design, and it is no exaggeration to say that this is the best choice for Laser Engraver Software. For beginners, this software is powerful and easy to use. You can easily import JPG, PNG, SVG, DXF, and many other common image formats. You can also add Ruda, g-cod, TopWisdom, and many different controllers.

The most important thing about LightBurn is its complete control over the machine. You can choose multiple powerful functions, such as boolean, welding, offset, node editing, etc., to create the graphics you want. And you can design patterns, create layouts and iterate on the design until the design is satisfactory.

 laser engraver software

While engraving, you can also adjust the power, speed, cutting order, brightness and contrast, number of passes, etc.

  1. Price: Gcode-$82, DSP-$164
  2. Support Windows, Mac, Linux
  3. Support all picture formats
  4. Adjust power, speed, brightness, contrast, and other parameters while engraving
  5. Support creating and editing vector graphics

Gweike cloud

Gweike cloud online and offline is a laser control software developed for gweike. It can meet the basic functions of laser engraving design. You can crop and deform the graphics and other operations directly on the software. It also supports the camera to extract vector graphics and operate now in the software interface. The Laser Engraver & Cutter Software is free for those purchasing a gweike machine.

laser engraver software

  1. Price: Free
  2. Easy to use
  3. Many free items to choose from in the software

Laser GRBL

LaserGRBL is a free Laser Engraver Software that focuses on laser design. For some basic engraving projects, we can choose this software for design. Another great feature is that it does not require an internet connection. It also supports xxx.gcode and format files. It is a good choice for many DIY enthusiasts. However, it supports a smaller variety of laser machine brands. It would help if you determined in advance whether it supports using the software before use.

laser engraver software

  1. Price: Free
  2. Only available on Windows
  3. Simple and easy to use interface
  4. Easy image positioning

Adobe​​ Illustrator - Best CAD software

It has the significant advantage of supporting multiple language versions. At the same time, it is a professional software design tool. Its design features and operability are currently unparalleled. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most operable of all Laser Engraver Software for images.

However, its operation pages are complicated, and you must be well trained before operating it. Once you learn its operation, you can design any pattern you want. When you encounter difficulties, you can email their staff for help.

laser engraver software

  1. Price: $20.99/mo
  2. Support Windows, iPad and Mac OS
  3. Easy to use design
  4. Very powerful function
  5. Support export DXF, SVG, Jpeg and other formats


Inkscape is a free Laser Engraver Software with a simpler interface than Adobe Illustrator, suitable for novices or DIY enthusiasts. The original format is SVG, but you can add different file extensions using plugins. It also has a professional video guide on its website. You can also share your experience and achievements with the community.

laser engraver software

  1. Price: free
  2. XML editor available
  3. Supports PNG, JPG, and DXF formats
  4. Multiple control software
  5. Copy created layers


CorelDRAW is the best Laser Engraver Software in the minds of many professional designers. It is much easier to operate than AI, and CorelDRAW is an alternative version. You can easily operate it with a simple learning process. They use their proprietary CDR format, but don't worry. You can export images in SVG format.
* If the version you buy is boxed (Windows only), your PC needs to be configured with a DVD drive.

laser engraver software

  1. Price: $182.97/year
  2. Easy to operate
  3. LiveSketch tool available
  4. Flexible design

Draft Sight

This is professional design software. This software is suitable for the design of large projects such as aviation and marine, power building, etc. The great thing about it is that it supports many file formats. And it helps put multiple files in one project. The price of this software is relatively high, so if you want to do DIY designs, there is no need to buy this software.

Draft Sight

  1. Price: Professional: $249/year, Premium: $599/year
  2. High degree of professionalism
  3. Support for high precision design

Which is the best Laser Engraver Software?

The type of computer you use varies, and so does the range of software you choose. And there are many different laser engraving & cutting software, so I need to find out which software is the best for you. But there is always a suitable one for you in the above six laser engraver software.

How to use laser engraving software?

You need to watch some operation tutorials or videos; of course, you may encounter some mistakes.

What files can I use with laser cutter/engraver software?

Every software is different, but there are some common formats: EPS, SVG, PNG, JPEG, DXF, and AI.

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