Best Portable Laser Engravers in 2023

Laser engravers have made engraving easier, faster and more precise. This is the most advanced way to engrave different materials.
Laser engraving machines come in many sizes. There are a wide range of laser engraving machines available, from small handheld devices to large machines. Portable and small laser machines are the most popular laser machines, as they are lightweight, compact and easy to transport. It is simple to use a portable laser engraving machine, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. Advanced technology requires detailed information on machine specifications and laser technology.

This article will explain how to choose the best laser engraver for portable use. We will discuss some of the most important factors to take into consideration and explain all you need before you make a purchase. To make it easier for you to choose, we will also show you the six best portable laser engravers of 2023.

What is a Portable Laser Engraver

Portable laser engravers are compact, lightweight, and easy-to-carry laser engraving machines. Its main purpose is to engrave anywhere without hassle.
You need a portable machine if, for example, you want to engrave a client's object. This is the ideal machine for laser engraving on-site or outdoors. The design should be compact. The machine should be compact and light. These machines are usually handheld laser engravers, which you can use to perform some engraving tasks. Some of these machines are mini desktop laser machines.

Gweike G2 Portable Laser Engraver

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Things to consider when buying a portable laser engraver

For beginners buying a portable laser engraver for the first time you need to consider the following considerations:

Size and portability

You should first check the dimensions and design of your laser engraver. This will give you an idea of the machine's portability. The machine will be easy to transport if it is small and lightweight. Many other factors define portability. The design of a laser machine on a handheld makes it more mobile than other lasers. Some machines have a foldable structure for better maneuverability. Second, if there is a mobile app for controlling the machine, that's a big plus.

Laser Type

Portable laser engravers tend to be diode lasers or infrared. Diode Laser can engrave materials other than metals, including wood, leather, fabric and ceramic. Infrared Laser works best on metals and plastics. Dual-laser machines that contain both diode and infrared lasers are the best. These machines are capable of engraving a variety of materials, and they can also perform laser cutting. These machines are great because they can engrave a wide range of materials.

Optical Power

The optical power of the machine determines the power of the laser. You must check the power in the specification. The problem is you'll also find other ratings. These can include machine power or laser module electric power. It would help to determine a laser machine's power if you considered the optical power.
The optical power of portable diode lasers is typically between 5-10W. More is better. The power of an infrared laser is typically 1-2W. These optical powers will be sufficient for a portable laser engraving machine.

Compatible Materials

Portable laser engravers are available in diode lasers, infrared lasers, and other types of lasers. All of these laser technologies work with a variety of materials. Knowing the type of laser will help you determine the materials compatible with it. Sometimes, the manufacturer does not specify the type. Check the materials the laser is compatible with. This gives you a good idea of the possibilities with your laser machine.

Download software

You should know which laser engraving program can be used to run your laser machine. Most manufacturers provide free native software. However, this software is usually basic and has few options. The machine should also support other applications, such as LightBurn, in addition to the native software. This ensures that the machine is suitable for all engraving applications. It will be much easier to use the machine if there is an application for mobile devices. No need to carry around a laptop.

Safety Features

Safety features should be included in laser machines to prevent misuse and accidents. First, there should be a safety feature that prevents tipping or tilting. The machine will turn off if it is tipped, hit or moved. Second, machines should be equipped with a light-filtering or protection shield. The shield protects your eye and prevents laser beams from escaping the machine. The shield is an additional layer of protection. Safety goggles are a must, but it's also advisable to use them. The machine must have an exhaust system built in. This helps to remove smoke and odor from the area where the machine is used. If needed, you can use an air purifier.


Portable laser engravers are available in a wide variety. The price ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It depends on the features of the machine, specifications, portability, accessories, etc. Compare different portable laser engravers and check the value for money before making a decision.

Top Portable Laser Engravers

To make it easier for you to choose, we have chosen the six best portable laser engravers. We will discuss the pros and cons of each machine, as well as their features. This will help you to get a better understanding of the equipment you'll need for your Laser Engraving Project.

Gweike G2: 20w Handheld Fibre Optic Engraver

Suppose you are looking for a low price for a powerful and quality portable laser engraver. You can engrave almost any metal with a fiber laser engraver.
If you need to engrave iron, copper, stainless steel, silver, aluminum and more, the Gweike G2 is ideal. Secondly, it is powerful. Cutting aluminum plates up to 5mm in one go can be the perfect solution for cutting and engraving.

The engraving speed of this laser machine can reach up to 15000mm/s, which is about 20 times faster than ordinary laser machines, and it is also equipped with advanced vibrating mirror technology, which can make its engraving speed even faster.
The engraving area of the machine is 100*100mm, which is suitable for engraving small objects. In addition, the machine is equipped with an upgraded rotary axis, which can use for engraving spheres, cylinders, rings, and other objects.
It also has many special features to switch between manual and autofocus. You can also preview the position of the graphic on the object in real-time.


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