Creative Projects for Easter (All Laser Engraved)

Easter is a holiday that Christians take very seriously, decorating their houses and inviting friends to come and celebrate in advance.
Easter represents a new beginning, and no Easter is complete without innovation and challenge. So try something unique to please others and start the day on a special note!
Here we share with you some Easter ideas that can do with a laser cutter, and we hope you will find some inspiration for these ideas.

List of creative Easter projects

Wooden rabbit

The rabbit and egg are the main symbols of Easter, and the rabbit's ability to reproduce means that it is the creator of new life. Carve your rabbit for your home to signify new hope. You can also give the rabbit a new twist and create a new look for your house on Easter Day.

You can also engrave bunny clusters on leather, paper, fabric, and other materials, cut out and hang them in a window or on a tree outside. This is a very memorable thing to do.

Wooden rabbit


The topic of Easter recipes becomes popular in the run-up to Easter, and many people go online to search for what can be made for Easter. But the search results are similar from year to year.

We all prepare many foods on Easter Day, such as biscuits and cakes. The process of preparing these foods is the same, but adding some patterns and accessories is essential to make your food more appealing.

You can choose to have all hard pastries custom engraved using the laser cutter. These customised patterns and decorations can make your food even more attractive. We might even say that no Easter would be complete without a patterned design.

laser engraving Food

Egg holders

You can make several egg holders for exchanging gifts on the day. This holder is inexpensive, so you don't have to worry about paying for it even if you make more than one. This gift is perfect for giving to friends and neighbors. You can also choose from various materials such as cardboard, wood, and acrylic. This holder can display eggs even after Easter and is also very useful.

You can also use an engraving machine to engrave various beautiful designs or greetings on the material's surface.

Egg holders

Bespoke bags

You can also make special bags to give each other gifts on Easter Day. You can choose from various materials such as kraft paper, leather, and fabric.

If you have your shop, you can make customised greeting cards, paper boxes, gift bags, etc., up to Easter. A beautiful casing can make your gifts even more attractive. This will be a business that will bring you great profits.

Bespoke bags

How to make Easter gifts

You can use the Gweike cloud basic II for all the ideas we have mentioned above. This is a CO2 laser cutter that is very powerful and ideal for many DIY enthusiasts or cutting professionals.

This machine's engraving accuracy, cutting speed, and laser power are the industry's benchmark configurations. It can engrave wood, acrylic, rubber, leather, and many other materials to create Easter gifts in various materials. Trust me. You'll be blown away by the engraving results.

You can monetise yourself by selling your laser cut projects. The Gweike cloud basic II supports light burns and gweike cloud, allowing you to turn any idea into a design and then engrave it into the material. Here are a few short steps for making an Easter project.

  1. Think of your design idea, then design the idea onto a flat surface using design software.
  2. Place the materials on the honeycomb board
  3. Set the engraving parameters according to the user instructions or your own cutting experience
  4. Assemble the material after completing the engraving. Then use paint or stickers to make the item more attractive.


Making bespoke gifts will make your holiday more meaningful, and creative Easter gifts will be more appealing. You can then sell your own to make a profit for yourself.

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