Fiber Laser vs Infrared Laser vs UV Laser

Fiber, Infrared (IR) laser and UV laser are easily confused. Many beginners even make the mistake of thinking that they are the same laser source, but the truth is that the three lasers have different wavelengths and uses. The truth is that the three lasers have different wavelengths and services.
The fiber laser has a wavelength suitable for engraving/cutting metals, the IR laser has a long wavelength suitable for material processing, and the UV laser has a short wavelength suitable for processing semiconductors.
This article will provide a comprehensive overview of how fiber, IR, and UV lasers work and their similarities and differences. It will help you learn more about these lasers to make a better choice of machine.

What is a fiber, Infrared (IR), or UV laser source?

Fiber laser sources are solid-state laser sources that utilize a fiber core and dopant elements as the main components of the laser source. The structure of a fiber laser source can be divided into three parts: the outer cladding, the inner cladding, and the innermost dopant element. The fiber core guides electrons through the dopant elements and becomes photons with the same wavelength.
Infrared (IR) lasers and fiber lasers are both solid-state laser sources. However, IR lasers work differently from fiber lasers in that IR lasers do not have core or dopant elements as a medium but instead use air as a medium.
The UV laser source differs from both in that it usually uses gases, semiconductors, and solids as the activation medium. The wavelength of the UV laser source is between 100-400nm.

Best fiber laser engraver

If you are looking for a convenient fiber laser engraver, the Gweike G2 is the perfect choice. This 20w high-power fiber laser engraver combines superior speed, engraving accuracy, and other advantages to provide customers with more highly accurate engraving solutions. Below are the outstanding benefits that have made the Gweike G2 so popular:

Superb Engraving Capability

The Gweike G2 is equipped with a 20w 1064nm fiber laser, perfect for engraving hundreds of metal materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, various alloys, gold, silver, aluminum, and more.

 laser engraving

Unrivaled speed and precision

Thanks to technological advances, the Gweike G2 engraves with speed and precision of up to 15,000mm/s. This incredible speed dramatically increases productivity. In addition, the 0.001mm engraving accuracy ensures more attractive products and the desired engraving results.

 laser engraving speed


The total weight of Gweike G2 is 12 kg. You can easily move it to any position. And the machine is compact, and the handheld laser head allows you to engrave a wider range. And you can accomplish more engraving designs by adjusting the angle of the laser head. This is more convenient for home, studio, and school settings.
You can also quickly complete engraving on cylindrical objects such as cups, rings, and baseball bats with the help of the swivel attachment.

 fiber laser engraver

Real-time engraving preview and ease of use

The Gweike G2's camera automatically finds the focal point and extracts the image in real time. You can also preview where the image will be engraved and make adjustments at any time before engraving. This ensures that the engraved image is perfect and that no material is wasted.
The G2 not only engraves in real time, it does it all in one go without the need for reworking.

Getting into the laser business

As the most advanced fiber laser engraver available, the Gweike G2 is perfect for engraving unique logos. With the G2's portability, users can easily complete their engraving business. The CE-compliant protective housing prevents exposure of the laser beam and ensures safety at all times during the engraving process.
A built-in fan effectively removes smoke generated during the engraving process, ensuring that the machine can be used safely indoors.

Best infrared laser engraver

If you are looking for a powerful portable infrared laser engraver, the Gweike G1 is the perfect choice. The G1 has a 10W CO2 laser tube that allows you to engrave on a wide range of materials easily.

Large engraving area

The Gweike G1 has a working area size of 400 mm*400 mm. This spacious working area can handle larger materials, providing flexibility for your engraving business.

High-speed engraving

The Gweike G1 can engrave at speeds up to 400mm/s.The fast cutting speed increases your productivity and provides excellent engraving and cutting performance. The all-metal frame ensures a longer service life than other machines on the market. The 10W engraving power allows you to easily engrave wood, acrylic, glass and other non-metallic materials. The laser beam has a light plate size of only 0.08mm*0.06mm, which ensures that it is capable of all kinds of fine engraving.


This infrared laser engraver's complimentary padded feet ensure the ability to engrave taller materials up to 81mm. You can also use a rotating accessory to engrave baseball bats, rings, mugs, and other cylinders. The G1 comes with free air assist, greatly improving engraving results and preventing fire when engraving paper and wood.

Fully functional

G1 has remarkable features such as a limit switch, emergency stop button, tilt safety device, etc., which not only ensures your engraving results but also allows you to take your cutting business to the next level.

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