Getting Started With Gweike Cloud NOX

The new Gweike cloud NOX is on sale if you own a new gweike cloud NOX.
Assembling and operating a laser cutter is still very challenging if you have never done it before.
The following guide will teach you everything you need to know about the functions and operation of the gweike cloud NOX. Let's start with a better understanding.

laser cutting machine NOX

What is gweike cloud NOX

This is a CO2 laser cutter specially developed for DIY design enthusiasts who previously told us they would like to buy our machine but need more budget. That's why we have developed this fully featured laser cutting machine at a low price.
We named it "NOX," which means it is the black knight guarded by the goddess Nox.
Watch the introduction video.

Many customers who have or have not purchased a CO2 laser cutting machine have many questions about it.

The Geikecloud NOX operating procedure

Assembling the machine

Once you have received your CO2 laser cutting machine, you must check the outer packaging and the machine for any obvious damage. Due to courier transport or many other factors beyond your control, the machine may arrive in a different condition. Any quality problems that arise at this time need to be promptly contacted. We will give you a satisfactory answer depending on the problem.

Start with lightburn

This CO2 laser cutting machine supports Gweikecloud Offline and Lightburn, and you can choose to use Gweikecloud Offline for your cutting designs if you don't have access to the internet. We also have a special offer with lightburn. Ask our engineers about the price. Of course, I strongly recommend downloading and using light burn because it is the world's most extensive laser cutting design software, and you can make all your cutting ideas come to life.

Checking the internal wiring

Assembling the machine and upgrading the software takes almost 1-2 hours. You can follow the user manual for this process.
Then you can start your first cutting design by following the material cutting parameters table. Note, however, that if you are cutting for the first time, you must test simple cuts in more accessible materials such as wood and acrylic first.

Experiment with a variety of parameters

Depending on your material, you can try different engraving/cutting parameters. Keep trying until you get the desired result. It is advisable to start with low power first, then slowly turn on the gas assist and increase the speed and power. Once you have become a master DIY designer, you can use your laser engraving project to your advantage.
Of course, I am all for testing your machine for the best engraving parameters.

Parameters of the CO2 laser cutting machine

Laser power 45W
Safety Guard Class I (FDA Certified)
Work Table Area 20.08" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm)
Max. Cutting Depth 0.59''(15mm)
Carving Speed 500mm/s
Carving Precision 0.001” (0.025mm)
Machine Dimensions 38.2"*22.2"*9.2" (970mm*565mm*234.5mm)
Weight 45.6kg
Control Software Gweikecloud Offline, Lightburn

Shipping questions

How much does shipping cost?

We always charge the lowest international shipping rate. We usually charge $300 for shipping.

Tracking system

We support courier tracking so you can easily keep up to date with the progress of your shipment. You can also enter the tracking number directly on our website or contact our staff, available 24/7 and happy to assist you.

What to do if there is a problem with your parcel

Sometimes, due to delays, weather, and many other uncontrollable circumstances, shipments can take longer than expected. At this point, you should not be too anxious. You can contact customer service, who can provide you with more information and help.


The Gweikecloud NOX is a more economical option and is the best choice if you are on a budget. This CO2 laser cutting machine has all the features you need to make it an excellent choice for commercial and domestic use. The NOX is also perfectly suited to start your own laser business.

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