How to Start a Laser Engraving Business

Do you want to start your own laser engraving business?
Here you will find professional steps and advice on how to start a laser engraving business.
Next you will be told what the best laser engraver for small businesses is and how much money you can make by starting a laser engraving business.
Every step is helpful for the success of your business!
Our Facebook group also has many members sharing their success stories.
Join us soon and learn some lessons for the success of your laser engraving business!

The benefits of starting a laser engraving business

starting a laser engraving business

For all those who want to start a business, making a profit is the biggest motivation to start a business. Its biggest feature for a laser engraving business is that the investment is small and the return is significant. The biggest investment in the whole industry is you need to buy a laser engraving machine.

This is an attractive option for many people who want to start a business.
And most brands support installments, which means you only need to invest a few hundred dollars or less upfront at the beginning of your business.

When the installments are paid off, you will have made back the money you spent on the engraving machine with your laser engraving business.
You're already excited about this! Let's learn more about the benefits of starting a laser engraving business!

1. Wide range

The range of laser engraving operations is extensive. You can use it to engrave marble, wood, metal, pearl, MDF, fabric, leather, glass, acrylic, etc. In addition to the materials mentioned above, you can test engraving in many areas others still need to cover. Once successful, you will pioneer this type of product, bringing you great wealth.

2. High productivity

After starting a laser engraving business, you won't have to worry about outstripping demand and supply. The high-speed laser engraving machine can engrave many simple designs in just 1s. This means that you can produce your product in a very short time after receiving your order. You don't have to worry about long production lead times and customer refunds for such situations.

3. Net profit

After you have purchased the laser engraving machine, the biggest cost input is the money for the materials used to engrave the product and the electricity generated by the machine. The machine only needs to be well maintained daily, and no additional expenses exist.

Note: If you are a beginner, you must follow the user manual for the first time. Otherwise, you will easily damage the laser tube and focus mirror. Replacement of these two parts will cost extra.

4. Less material waste

Compared to conventional engraving, laser engraving is much more accurate. This means there are correct parts in the engraving process, greatly reducing costs. The greatest challenge in starting a laser engraving business is the need for more capital budget and the lack of orders.
At the same time, laser engraving produces less debris and smoke than other engraving methods, which is better for the environment.

5. Personalised design

Innovation is at the heart of the laser engraving business. Laser engraving machines are highly accurate, which allows you to design your products better.
At the same time, you only need to set the parameters on the computer, and the machine will automatically complete production, saving the workforce and time.

8 steps to starting a laser engraving business

As we can see from the video above, the range of laser engraving is extensive. Starting a laser engraving business by following these 8 steps will save you from making a mistake, such as buying the wrong machine.

Step 1: Choosing a laser engraving machine

 laser engraving products-2

The choice of laser cutter will affect your experience and the scope of your business.
It is also the biggest investment in starting a laser engraving business. It is important to know the type of machine, the power, and the material to be cut. Those who have yet to have access to a laser cutter machine before will save time in choosing one.

Power here refers to laser power and not machine power. Many engravers will deliberately confuse buyers by stating power:20w, but this is the power of the machine, which may only have an actual laser power of 2w.
The following article will carefully explain the choice of laser cutter machine and the precautions to be taken.

Step 2: Learning to use

Once you have the machine, you must learn how to use it. You may not entirely believe me when I tell you that it is very easy to use the machine.
But the gweike cloud machine can be operated independently by children over six.

Step 3: Finding a market

Entrepreneurs need to spend time looking at how to sell their products and how to get more orders. Everyone wants to get more orders and make a higher profit. It will take some time and effort to do some market research. Custom engraving, holiday gifts, murals, DIY clothing, and many other items can be the focus of your business.

Of course, you can also search for high-selling items from platforms such as Etsy and Amazon to get a feel for customer demand and the market. Once you have discovered the potential of a product, you can then make the same product to sell.

Step 4: Purchase of materials

Buy the suitable raw material for your order. The quality of the raw material is also closely related to your engraving results. An excellent raw material will produce a better contrast in the engraving. So it is recommended that you save money on something other than this part. Giving yourself a good reputation is much more helpful than saving a few dollars.

Step 5: Price

 laser engraving products

At this point, you can work out a cost for your machine based on the cost of wear and tear on materials, packaging, electricity for the machine to work, courier costs, etc. You will also need to consider the amount of money you will need to spend on unforeseen events such as return rates, claims for breakage of finished products, etc. These need to be accounted for based on local expenses.

Generally, 2-6 times the price is reasonable. And as a new seller, it is recommended that you sell at a price that is the market price.

Step 6: Selling

Completing this step means that your laser engraving business is a success. But this process is also one of the most difficult steps.
You can sell your products on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, etc.
You can also sell your products by posting updates on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to attract followers.
You can even sell offline in high-traffic markets. In short, there are many ways to sell your products. You have to find ways to sell your products, and I am sure you will feel a sense of achievement when you reap your first money.

Step 7: Expand your sales

Once your laser engraving business has built up a clientele, you can gradually expand your range of sales. The larger your business, the more stable and reliable your income will be, and the less affected you will be by the market. If you have been engraving wood before, you could also try engraving marble, metal, and other materials. I am sure this will take your business even further.

Step 8: Increase production efficiency

Once you have a steady stream of orders, you can try to expand your business. At this point, a laser cutter machine may not be enough to meet your production needs, so that you can purchase a laser cutter machine with more advanced features and parameters.

Things to consider when buying a laser cutter machine

It is very important to buy a suitable laser cutter machine. For beginners, diode and CO2 laser engravers are good choices. In terms of price, the diode is cheaper, but diode engravers can only engrave on materials. CO2 laser cutters have a more comprehensive range of engraving and support cutting materials so that you can create more complex designs, such as puzzles and murals. Buying a CO2 laser cutter can also help expand your engraving business.
We will list a few things to consider so you can get to know the machine better.

 laser engraving gift-4


Engraving machine parameters mainly look at the laser power, engraving speed, working area, machine size, and engraving accuracy of these parameters. The higher the general power, the higher the machine's price; The engraving area determines the maximum size of the product you will engrave; The engraving accuracy determines the effect of the product you engrave. The higher the accuracy of the product, your selling price can be higher.


Different laser cutters will advertise their machines with a list of additional features. In most cases, you may rarely use extra features during engraving. Which features are essential for your laser engraving business?

  • Through feed function: this means you can engrave or cut unlimited lengths of material, making it easier for you to produce
  • Emergency stop button: you can press the emergency stop button to stop the machine in case of any accident during engraving/cutting. This is an excellent safeguard for the safety of the operator.
  • Air Assist: Many people think that air assist for the machine is completely unnecessary. But when you are cutting flammable materials, it effectively cools the material and reduces the possibility of it burning. Also, when carving engraved wood, the engraving surface will be smoother and have more contrast when the air assist is switched on.
  • Rotary attachment: This is generally a paid feature. Adding a rotary attachment means you can engrave cylinders such as rings, mugs, champagne glasses, etc. If your business involves engraving cylinders, you must choose a laser cutter with a rotary attachment.


 laser engraving material-5

If your future business is engraving metal, buying a diode laser cutter is a good choice. We can only use most diode laser cutters to engrave metal. However, if your scope of business involves non-metals and metals such as wood, acrylic, marble, etc., then it is recommended that you choose a CO2 laser cutter.


Gweike cloud machines have specialised lines for gweike cloud and light burn. These are beginner-friendly, and you can learn to design very quickly. You will also need to learn how to use design software.


It is best to cut in a well-ventilated environment and have a fan connected to vent any fumes generated during the cutting process outside.
It is a good idea to watch a cutting tutorial before trying a new material to understand the properties of the material you are cutting in advance.

Best laser engraver for small business list

Below is a list of two CO2 lasers you can choose from depending on your budget and needs.

Gweike cloud Pro II

 laser engraving machine-6

Parameters Gweike cloud basic II
Price $3,199.00
Laser Power 50W
Work Table Area 20.08" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm)
Machine Dimensions 38.2"*22.2"*9.2" (970mm*565mm*234.5mm)
Max. Carving Speed 600mm/s
Carving Precision 0.001” (0.025mm)
Max. Cutting Depth 0.59''(15mm) Basswood
  • With swivel axis
  • Supports front and rear feeds
  • With air assist
  • Support Lightburn/Gweikecloud online/Gweike offline
  • Complimentary material kit and blower

Gweike cloud NOX

laser engraving machine

Parameters Gweike cloud NOX
Price $2,499.00
Laser Power 45W
Work Table Area 20.08" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm)
Machine Dimensions 38.2"*22.2"*9.2" (970mm*565mm*234.5mm)
Max. Carving Speed 500mm/s
Carving Precision 0.001” (0.025mm)
Max. Cutting Depth 0.59''(15mm) Basswood
  • Lightburn/Gweike offline support
  • Emergency Sto
  • No swivel
  • Low price

Misconceptions about starting a laser engraving business

After learning about the best laser engraver for small businesses, you may still have a lot of concerns about the whole step above. It may still be a risky move. I hope you will find this helpful as I consolidate the worries of my buyers before they start their laser engraving business.

But all the advice and ideas are not as good as you practice them yourself. It is pointless for me to talk about the laser engraving business as exciting as possible without you practicing it.

A saturated market

The biggest concern about starting a laser engraving business is the need for more orders. Many websites, such as Amazon and Etsy, currently have laser engraving products, so I will need help to stand out. There are still many unexplored areas of laser engraving that are worthy of your development. You create a unique product with your imagination, which is enough to make your product stand out.

No inspiration

If you are not inspired, check out other people's engravings on social media such as Amazon, Etsy, and Facebook. This will inspire you, and you can also check it out: 18 Laser Cutter Projects For Beginners.
This will give you some inspiration for your laser engraving business.

Not knowing how to use the machine

We may be concerned about operational use with a machine new to the field. What if it is difficult for me to learn to operate it quickly?
You will be able to learn how to use the machine in a day. Ask any questions, and we'll contact our professional staff to help you solve your problem. We also have a very active and large Facebook group where you can ask for help from others.

Not getting paid back

It's easier to believe anything I say once you get something in return.
But my Facebook group is already full of people posting that they have made their money back in just under three months.

Don't know how to use light burn

Only some can fully learn this professional design software in a short time. So you may have some concerns.
Fortunately, starting this year, we have produced a video on how to use light burn. The video includes a complete overview of the light burn operating procedures and functions, which will help you learn to use light burn quickly.
The video is free for all buyers of gweike machines. There is no additional cost to your business.

No profit

This is ridiculous! You can buy a lot of raw materials for just a few dollars, and your product can be priced higher depending on creativity and popularity.
You don't have to worry about who will pay for it. As long as your product is attractive enough, there will be customers who will pay for it.

Laser engraving will become obsolete

From 2001 to the present day, laser engraving technology has become increasingly widely used, with many products being produced by abandoning the original technique in favor of laser engraving. So for a long time, the laser engraving business will only become more widespread rather than obsolete.


Starting a laser engraving business is relatively easy, especially if you know the business process. We have described the eight steps to starting a laser engraving business above, and each step is crucial. Once you have mastered these steps, you can quickly start your laser engraving business.

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