Is Laser Radiation Harmful?

Laser cutting machine is becoming more and more common in normal households. There surely are questions and doubts about it. The most concerned one is whether the cutting machine has radiation. Is Laser radiation harmful to our bodies? Will it cause cancer?
Laser cutting machines have radiation. The main source is the infrared and ultraviolet radiation produced by the laser. Please do not be nervous because we live in cell phones, computers, TVs, refrigerators, and other electronic equipment will also exist. As long as they have the correct protection, they will not harm us.

The formation of laser radiation

The laser cutting machine focuses the beam on the cutting material through the laser, and this cutting moment generates powerful energy. The cutting and engraving are then achieved by instantly melting the material. The energy produced during this process is the source of the radiation. This radiation mainly acts on the skin and eyes. We protect the external skin and eyes, and the laser radiation in the cutting machine will not affect us.

The harm of laser radiation to the naked eye

Infrared laser mainly has thermal effects on the human body, while the laser's blue and ultraviolet spectral regions are mostly photochemical.
Therefore, when the human eye comes into direct contact with laser light from a laser source or fiber optic connector, it can cause damage to the eye. In the case of ultraviolet lasers, this can lead to corneal inflammation and cataracts. The current laser marking machine source is in the far infrared band, which mainly causes damage to the cornea and lens of the eye.

Can laser radiation cause cancer?

No, I am very sure that laser radiation does not cause cancer. There are four reasons.

  1. Most lasers adopt a fully enclosed design
  2. The observation window is made of laser protection glass according to the European CE standard
  3. Large machines are equipped with protective mirrors
  4. Cutting and engraving machine laser belongs to class 1-2, not enough to cause cancer

Classification of lasers in cutting machines

According to the power of different machines and different laser exposure, IEC and CDRH classify the hazards of laser into four categories. According to the wavelength and time of radiation exposure, we will be able to handle the radiation limit (also known as AEL) to classify.

Classification of lasers

  1. Class 1 and 1M: Under normal operating conditions, this laser class does not pose a hazard to humans.
  2. Class 2 and 2M: This class requires a warning sign to be posted on the machine and some basic protection if the equipment is observed or used for a long period of time.
  3. Class 3R: 3R is divided into 3a and 3b two levels. Under normal circumstances, 3a does not cause harm to the eyes without prolonged direct vision. But 3b. In the case of not wearing goggles, laser radiation will cause some damage to the eyes.
  4. Class 3B: This laser class requires good protection and can not look directly at it. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the skin and eyes.

Body parts that can be harmed by laser radiation

Radiation can be found everywhere. Even the red ultraviolet rays of the sun can radiate at us. For the eyes, we most often wear goggles. So how should we protect ourselves from the radiation damage of laser cutting machines? Here, we will explain several parts of the human body.

Eyes protection

  • Problem: This is the body part most likely injured in the first use. The first time we come into contact with a laser cutting machine, we may be curious to stare at the laser. This practice is very wrong. Small power laser cutting machines short time staring will not have any problems, but high-powered long time look will damage our eyes.
  • Solution: Goggles must be worn. Significantly fiber laser cutting machine work can not look directly at the laser on the bench.

Skin protection

  • Problem: The cutting machine is prohibited from touching the engraving material and the table with your hands. Otherwise, it will cause irreversible damage. And fiber laser cutting machine can not feel the finished part immediately after the cutting is completed. Otherwise, you will get hurt.
  • Solution: Wear cotton woven gloves when operating, and buying a full wrap-around cutter is recommended.

Air quaility

  • Problem: The laser cutting process produces many harmful gases and dust. To prevent inhalation from harming our bodies, we should buy a unique filter cabinet or a cutter with a filtering device.
  • Solution: Wear a mask and operate in an environment with good air circulation.

Materials that cannot be easily cut or engraved

Materail Reason
PVC Toxic gas (chlorine) is produced when engraving and cutting, and professional guidance is required for processing PVC
Lexan Polycarbonate Low ignition point, easy to catch fire and infrared absorption, low cutting efficiency
ABS Unable to engrave clearly
HDPE Easy to catch fire
Polystyrene Easy to catch fire
Glass Fiber Produces toxic gas
Polypropylene Melts easily on fire and creates hard objects
Coated carbon fiber Produces toxic gas

Note: The materials that produce toxic gases must be installed with ventilation fans and gas filter cabinets during the cutting and engraving process. And try to use it in an environment with air circulation.

Laser cutting machine recommendation

Suppose you choose a safe laser cutting machine for your family and children's education but are still worried about laser radiation. Then you can select the following three cutting machines. All three of these machines are protected by enclosures and are easy to operate.


Gwekecolud basic Detailed parameters
Power 50W
Weight 42.6kg
Size 970*565*234.5mm
Package size 114*73*36cm+70*35*32cm(Free filter cabinet)
Voltage 110-220V, 50-60HZ
Price $2850


  1. Open cover protection. Open cover machine stop running to protect the personal safety

  2. Free filter cabinet, smoke exhaust more environmentally friendly

  3. Support gweikecloud online\offline, lightburn

Gweikecloud Pro

Gwekecolud Pro Detailed parameters
Power 50W
Weight 45.6kg
Size 970*565*234.5mm
Package size 114*73*36cm
Voltage 110-220V, 50-60HZ
Price $3150


  1. A smaller area in the filter cabinet has a built-in cutter
  2. Support changing rotary axis, tube, and plate can be engraved
  3. Open the cover and stop

Gweikecloud Plus

Gwekecolud Plus Detailed parameters
Power 38W
Weight 45.6kg
Size 970*565*234.5mm
Package size 114*73*36cm
Voltage 110-220V, 50-60HZ
Price $4199


  1. RF metal laser tube, longer life
  2. Support adding rotary axis
  3. Clearer engraving


All laser cutting machines have laser radiation, but it is so small that it has almost no effect on us. Just like our computers, cell phones bring us the same radiation. Of course, for laser cutting machines at work, we are determined not to touch the laser head and the table range to avoid serious injuries.

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