Make Money with a Laser Cutter & Engraver

The large, fully automatic fiber laser cutting machines are very expensive and are suitable for large factories to use for cutting. The price of a Laser Engraver machine on the market is up to a hundred thousand dollars. If you are a DIY maker, for the education of your kids, or family members, a small desktop laser will be highly recommended to you.
You can use a laser engraving machine to generate considerate income. A medium configuration laser engraving machine in the market is about $1000-$7000. Can the machine make money to cover itself?
The answer is yes.
  1. Can I make money with a Laser Engraver machine?
  2. What can I sell with a Laser Engraver machine?
  3. Cost of using a laser engraving machine
  4. Is laser engraving a profitable business?
  5. Laser engraving machines for start-ups
  6. Conclusion

Can I make money with a Laser Cutter & Engraver machine?

You can make money with a laser Cutter & Engraver. There is a huge market for laser engraving, and there are many places where you can't see laser engraving machines involve. You can make money by live-streaming DIY making on YouTube, Tik Tok or other platforms, and you can join our affiliate program. Creative and unique products are a trend now.

Live streaming on Tik Tok, YouTube

Live streaming and short videos are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and you can live stream your sculpted goods on them to get money.

Create a laser board and become a member

You can make videos of your carving process or design ideas and post them on software like Facebook or YouTube, and you can monetize your videos. If you buy our products, you can also put up the sales link of our Gweikecloud product line under your video, and if you sell ≥10 units in three months, then you can gift the machine you bought to you. Of course, there are other profitable services. You can ask our staff for details online or by email.

Sell the goods you create

You can create accounts on shopping sites like Amazon or eBay to sell your laser products for money. You can also do part-time jobs on Fiverr to help others carve their products for profit. In short, there is a huge market for creative products these days. If your work is creative enough, it will surely be loved by the audience, and they will pay for it.

What to sell with a Laser Engraver machine?

Laser engraving machines can engrave a wide range of materials. The following is a list of the 7 most common engraving products. We hope this will inspire and help you in your laser business.


You can engrave patterns that are meaningful to you on glass, acrylic, wood, stainless steel, and many other materials. We can engrave family members, friends, and moments that mean a lot to us on them. Even our deceased dogs, cats, and other pets can engrave on it to keep our thoughts of them.


You can use the Laser Engraver machine to create unique shapes and artwork. You can also cut the wood and carve the time to hang it on the wall like a clock.

Marking barcode

Another important use of laser engraving machines is marking. You can mark on valuable items, stainless steel, wood, paper, plastic, and many other materials. And the marked QR codes or traceability codes are permanent.

Engraving leather products

You can engrave your notebook book covers, wallets, belts, key leather buckles, and all other leather materials with your exclusive logo.

Engraved Glasses

You can engrave the photo or slogan, date, name, etc., with the object on the glass. Customized cups or gifts for gifts or as small ornaments are a wonderful choice.

Electronic products

Electronic product specifications, product details, business logos, etc., can be marked or etched using an engraving machine. A laser metal engraving machine can easily do clear engraving in a very small location.


Rings, earrings, necklaces, etc., can be cut and engraved by a laser metal engraving machine. And compared to hand engraving machines is more accurate and can easily show every tiny detail.

Cost of using a laser engraving machine

Next, we discuss the cost of purchasing a laser engraving machine to create a product.


First of all, we have to have our laser engraving machine. A home using a laser engraving machine ranges from $1000 to $10,000. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to buy between $2000-6000. If you are a beginner, buying a laser engraver between $2000-6000 is recommended because an underpriced engraver may require additional costly repairs during subsequent use. Then the very expensive ones may cause a waste of resources for beginners. Because the more features, the more expensive, you may only use a few of the machine's advanced features for the first time. Common types of laser engraving machines are in 3 categories.

Machine Fiber laser CO2 laser Diode Laser
Price Expensive Medium Cheap
Size Big Big Small
Power Large Large Litter
Operation difficulty High High Low
Engraving material Metal and non-metal Non-metal and some metals Non-metal and some metals
Index 2 3 5
Place of use Factory Factory Home


  1. Laser tube: the normal life of the laser tube is 10000h if the improper operation or cutting of reflective metal will accelerate the damage to the laser tube. The price of replacing a laser tube is about $400.
  2. Cartridge: The laser machine's filter cartridge must be replaced regularly every 6-12 months. The official price is $139 for two packs.
  3. Inline Dust Fan: One is free with the purchase of the machine. If you want to buy it separately, you must pay $140.
  4. Laser Lens: The laser lens is very easy to damage when misused. It costs $65 to replace.

These are a few standard, easily damaged accessories. If other supplements are damaged due to various factors, you need to consult the seller on a case-by-case basis.

Raw materials

We also need to pay separately for the material package for carving and cutting. The price varies from material to material. For example, wood 3MM 1/8" x 12" x 12 boards are sold for about $30.


Depending on the machine's wattage, you need to pay the electricity bill is also different. For example, gweikecloud's wattage for this laser engraving machine is 50w. Whereas, the wattage for large fiber laser machines is usually between 1000-10000w. So be sure to check the machine's wattage before you buy it to get a better idea of the electricity costs.

Is laser engraving a profitable business?

Here is what a user who bought the geweikecloud basic shared with us about how he made money with the machine, and in just three months of orders, he earned $3514, which quickly covered the cost of the machine and other bills.
His business is to help others to engrave photos on wooden plates. 6*9 inch photos are sold for about $40. Here are its carving costs

  • Wood: 6 boards of 8*9 inches for $29.99. The average material price for carving a photo is $5.00.
  • Electricity: 0.25h0.05Kw0.162(local electricity rate)=$0.002025
  • Marketing cost: Free
  • Machine wear and tear: $2.5
  • Profit: $ 40
  • Total profit: $ 3514

Suppose you choose a more powerful machine, such as gweikecloud, for better engraving accuracy and results. This way, you can sell at a higher price and thus get a higher profit. You can pay in installments if you can't afford to pay the total price for a laser engraver machine.

Laser engraving machines for start-ups

Buy a small laser engraving machine for beginners who want to start their own laser business. There are three reasons:

  1. Affortable, a lower initial investment
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Feature-rich

Gweikecloud basic


Gweikecloud basic is an economic diode laser machine, ideal for small businesses and beginners. The machine is easy to operate and stops instantly when the protective cover is opened during operation. This provides better protection for the operator. So children older than 6 years old can use it alone. Very simple.
The volume size of the machine is 97 * 56.5 * 23.45 CM and can be placed on the desktop to save space. A free filter cabinet can ensure that the air discharged outside the division is safer.

Gweikecloud Pro


Choose this engraving laser machine. Compared with the first model, this one has added Rotary Support, which can engrave both flat and cylindrical bodies. You will have a wider range of engraving.

Gweikecloud Plus


This engraving laser machine has a smaller wattage than the above two models - only 38w. It's the mental tube, which has a longer life and higher accuracy than the co2 glass tubes above. The same material and engraving speed of this machine engraving better results. It can also add Rotary Support, which supports integrated engraving of tubes and plates. The motor of this engraving machine is separated from the laser tube, which makes the operation more convenient.


To sum up, Once you have decided on an engraving idea, you can immediately start the action! The laser engraving business has a vast market you can use to make a substantial income. And it is a simple process that you can carry out easily.
In addition, you can contact our customer service to get hundreds of engraving ideas videos. We are online 7*24 hours and welcome your inquiry.

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