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gweike cloud Laser Lens Pack (2.0 inches)

gweike cloud Laser Lens Pack (2.0 inches)

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  • Improper use can easily damage the lens and affect your printing process. At this point, if you have a spare, you can keep everything running smoothly for you, and changing 2.0 inches lenses only takes 2 minutes.
  • These high quality optics for better power density and lower spot.
  • Better quality engraving and better cutting due to smaller dot size when compared to most 2.0 inches lenses.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Derrick Kan

I have already received my new Gweikecloud basic-XMAS, everything is perfect and I am forward trying something with the machine.

Nic McKinney

Couple of my first projects. Thanks to those that help. I hope to pay it forward when I learn.

Viviana Gomez
The project

Genuine leather and Rubber stamp with my Gweike Pro.

Caprice Wilton

Making some Christmas baubles! I love this machine so much. I’m so glad I got this over a glowforge!! 😊❤️

Santos Santos

Birthday present made yesterday for a 5 years old cousin

Happy Birthday Wishes for the little boy!